Lines of Work

Beyond One Goal

True socio-environmental sustainability requires a multidimensional approach. We work to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out in the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda, all within a “safe operating space for humanity”.

Beyond One Stakeholder

Addressing the challenges that humanity is facing requires a multi-sectoral, multi-organizational, and multinational effort. We host the Secretariat of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Andean Region (SDSN Andes), and support its work to bring about joint action across countries and societal sectors.

Beyond One Person

The scale of the task ahead requires great creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capacity. We connect people and their ideas, promoting crowd creation.

Beyond One Generation

Current and future socio-economic disruptions require great adaptability and resilience without diverting from a sustainable path. We promote multigenerational initiatives that combine experience, creativity, knowledge, and flexibility. Tell us your multigenerational initiative at:

Beyond One Year

Real change requires combining long-term thinking with short-term action. We promote the implementation of ambitious long-term planning with clear short-term milestones.

Beyond One Scale and Location

Effective and impactful action requires aligning local solutions to global efforts, and vice versa. We focus on identifying how global issues reflect on local realities, and how local dynamics impact global trends. This work is focused on assessing and tracking SDG-spillover effects and teleconnections.

Beyond One Solution

Building a new reality requires an array of solutions which must fit together like “building blocks”. We implement and/or support practical and impactful science-based projects. Tell us your project at:

Beyond One Paradigm

Moving away from business-as-usual calls for a new socio-environmental ethics and a new eco-social contract. We facilitate an open dialogue and critical exploration of what is at the core of true change, and welcome and share a diversity of perspectives on sustainability.