In our world today...


species are threatened
 with extinction


million people live
 in extreme poverty


billion tones of CO2
are emitted every year


out of 9 “planetary boundaries” are transgressed

Humanity's window of opportunity to amend its actions is rapidly closing

Our actions today would have effects on future generations

We must be one...

True socio-environmental sustainability requires a multidimensional approach. We work for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within a “safe operating space for humanity”.
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The challenges facing humanity require joint action across sectors of society and nations, a true multi-sectoral, multi-organizational, and multinational effort. We support the work of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Andean Region (SDSN Andes).
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Real change requires long-term thinking with short-term action. We promote the implementation of long-term planning with clear short-term milestones.  
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Efective and impactful action requires local solutions that align with efforts elsewhere and support global results. We focus on unvailing how global issues reflect on local realities, and viceversa, as well as on tracking SDG-spillover effects and teleconnections.
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The scale of the task ahead requires great creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capacity. We connect people and their ideas, promoting crowd creation.
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Current and future socio-economic disruptions require great adaptability and resilience without diverting away from a sustainability path. We promote multigenerational initiatives that combine experience, creativity, knowledge and flexibility.
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Solving the challenges facing humanity requires implementing changes in a wide range of fronts. We support projects that offer science-based solutions, with holistic and systemic approaches.
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Moving away from business as usual calls for a new socio-environmental ethics. We facilitate an open dialogue and critical exploration of what is at the core of true change, and welcome and share a diversity of perspectives on sustainability.
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… We are among them.


Beyond One’s President, among more than 80 renowned researchers, urge the G7 to measure progress beyond GDP, as societal wellbeing must consider social and environmental factors.

The G7 needs to build structures and align policies accordingly in order to overcome the major challenges the world is facing today – from recovering from the pandemic to mitigating climate change –.

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SDSN Networks in Action report presents the work of the unique global network of problem solvers.

This year’s edition features a specific focus on the impact of the networks and their efforts to localize the SDGs in their countries, engage with knowledge institutions and youth, improve education for the SDGs, fight the COVID-19 pandemic, advocate for a sustainable recovery, promote viable solutions initiatives, and develop publications, events and actions.

See the SDSN Andes chapter (the network hosted by Beyond One).

Download the report here.




The Tenth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) will take place on 19-20 September in 2022 (virtually). 

The conference, in its 10-year anniversary, will brings together persons involved in research, policy, practice, and business. Participants will share practical solutions for achieving the SDGs at local and national levels. 


Beyond One will chair the session The Agri-Food System’s Value Chains, within the track “The SDGs and Value Chains“. 

This session will explore how food commodities and their value chains relate to the Sustainable Development Goals, identifying challenges, opportunities, and solutions for sustainable development. 



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Beyond One Foundation is born to promote and support socio-environmental sustainability, locally, regionally and globally.

We have a broad experience in multiple sustainable development projects and initiatives. Our extensive group of institutional partners allows to create high-impact solutions in multiple geographic scales. 

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